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Office of the Chief Technologist

Two Columns


Spring 2015 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Fearsome Foursome: Technologies Enable MMS
  2. Mission Taps the CAVE, Color Coding, and Cleanroom
  3. The ‘CAPEd’ Crusader: New CubeSat Concept Advances
  4. Innovator Profile: Stephen Rinehart and BETTI
  5. New Earth Venture Mission to Provide Missing Data Point
  6. Potentially Revolutionary Mission On Track for 2016
  7. 3D Printing Reveals Never-Before-Seen Details of Superstar
  8. Goddard Scientist Embraces Crowdsourcing
  9. MMS: Moving the Lab Into Space

Winter 2015 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Who Ya Gonna Call?
  2. ORCA Prototype Ready for the Open Ocean
  3. Team Advances Spaceborne Methane Sounder
  4. Scientist to Gather Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Melting Permafrost
  5. Engineer Advances New Daytime Star Tracker
  6. Astrophysics Mission Eyes New Low-Power Ka-Band Technology
  7. Innovator of the Year-Secrets to Success
  8. Where Are They Now?

Fall 2014 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Chronicling 10 Years of Innovation
  2. From Scattered and Stove-Piped
    to Strategic
  3. Gazing into a Crystal Ball
  4. Outer Space on a Budget
  5. One Big Potentially Groundbreaking Capability
  6. Return of the GEDI
  7. Creating a Virtual Telescope
  8. More Milestones for Ultra-Black Nano-Coating
  9. CATS Blazes Trail on Station
  10. 3D-Imaging Lidar Advances18
  11. Tracking Orbital Debris with Laser
  12. Tribute to Wayne R. Powell

Summer 2014 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Team Advances Microshutter Array Technology
  2. Goddard-Led Team Lays Plans to Observe New Worlds
  3. Hubble’s Greatest Hits
  4. NASA Selects First Earth-1 CubeSat
  5. Engineer Set to Complete First 3D Printed Space Cameras
  6. Field Campaign Features Three Radars — a NASA First
  7. Robotic Refueling Mission to Demonstrate New Inspection Tool
  8. A Tribute to Bruce Woodgate

Spring 2014 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. High-Voltage Power Lines Become Large Antenna in Novel Project
  2. OCULLAR Sees Ocean Color Day and Night
  3. Goddard Brings Satellite Data to African Agriculture
  4. Heliophysicists Blaze a CubeSat Trail
  5. DANY to Prove Prowess in Sounding-Rocket Demonstration
  6. New Technique Used to Search Space Dust for Life’s Ingredients

Winter 2014 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. NASA Jumps Aboard the 3D-Manufacturing Train
  2. Storied Tradition Potentially Expanded through 3D Manufacturing
  3. Entry-System Technology Inspired by an Umbrella
  4. CATS to Debut on International Space Station Later this Year
  5. Planetary Sciences Come of Age with Balloon-Borne Missions
  6. A Spectacular Mission of Firsts for Bustling Spaceport
  7. Mapping Earth’s Cropland from Space

Fall 2013 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Goddard Advances World’s First Spaceborne Sodium Lidar
  2. Who Says It Can’t Be Done? Goddard Embraces LIST Challenge
  3. Technologists Pursue New Application for Atom Optics
  4. Cover Story: Flatley Chosen Innovator of the Year
  5. NASA Funds Teams to Advance Smallsat Technologies
  6. Never Say Never to Potential Mission to Europa
  7. Virtual Toothpick Helps Bake the Perfect Thin-Film Confection
  8. The ‘Mission of Firsts’ Uses Low-Cost TDRSS Transceiver

Summer 2013 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. TESS Team Chooses Just-Right Orbit
  2. Traveling to Hard-to-Reach Places Made Easier
  3. Hagopian Achieves Another Milestone
  4. New Doppler Radar to Debut this Summer
  5. HS3 Open for Hurricane Season
  6. The Power of Leverage Results in Instrument-Development Award
  7. New Circuit Handles Essential Tasks
  8. Team wins Cubesat Award

Spring 2013 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Inspired by a Black Hole NICER/SEXTANT Team Wins Explorer Mission of Opportunity
  2. Pulsar-on-a-Table: An Unusual Testbed
  3. Flatley Wins Prestigious AAS Award
  4. Goddard to Deliver the Most Sophisticated Earth-Observing L-Band Radiometer Ever Built
  5. NASA Seeks High-Performance Spaceflight Computing Capabilities
  6. Mission Breaks Records; Scientists Go Back for More
  7. Next-Generation Navigator Gets Smaller and Stronger
  8. Goddard Lab Works at Extreme Edge of Cosmic Ice
  9. The Heat is On: QWIP Arrays Make Debut

Winter 2013 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. The Last Frontier: Earth’s Radiation Budget
  2. CREPT Wins Coveted Cubesat Berth
  3. BUG Technology Comes of Age
  4. Innovative Single-Crystal Silicon Mirror Technology Gains Traction
  5. CIRS-Lite: Chock-Full of New Technologies
  6. New Filter Tidies Up the Messy
  7. HOPE for HEROES
  8. 3-D Laser Printing Makes Complex Part

Fall 2012 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Getty Wins Goddard’s Top R&D Prize
  2. The Hunt for Amino Acids
  3. 839 Planets and Counting
  4. Fast Forward to the Past
  5. Ah, That New Car Smell
  6. Profile: Seeing the Forest AND the Trees
  7. The Graphene Portfolio Expands
  8. Like a Bad Penny, Hurricane Kept Showing Up
  9. Instrument-in-a-Suitcase Passes Important Test

Summer 2012 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Atom Optics Come of Age
  2. Spectrometer-on-a-Chip
  3. New Tool to Identify Organics
  4. Space-Age Materials One Atomic Layer at a Time
  5. Inspiration from a Roll of Scotch® Tape
  6. A New Way to Track Formaldehyde
  7. A Mission of Firsts

Spring 2012 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Mason Peck: Back to NASA’s Technology Roots
  2. Tiny Mirrors Promise to Revolutionize Space Observatories
  3. Scientist Plans the BigBENI Solution
  4. Measuring Transient X-rays with Lobster Eyes
  5. Photon Sieve to Fly on Cubesat
  6. Mirror, Mirror Out in Space, How To Dust Off Your Face?
  7. Days of Launching Gizmos Return
  8. Spacecraft Cleanroom Goes Green

Winter 2012 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Space Weather Center Adds ‘Ensemble Forecasting’
  2. All-Time Greatest Solar Storms
  3. Astrophysicist Seeks to Revolutionize X-ray Astronomy
  4. Technologist Achieves Milestone with Super-Black Coating
  5. A New Alloy for Satellite Skeletons
  6. Electronics Designers Beware
  7. MINI-ME Observations Could Explain Atmospheric Loss on Smaller Planets
  8. Nicholas Paschalidis Focuses on the Small to Explore the Big
  9. Tribute to Dan Powell and a Tenacious Spirit

Fall 2011 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. New Look, New Name
  2. Goddard Wins ‘Paradigm-Shifting’ Laser Mission
  3. Technology Overcomes Laser Challenges
  4. Solving the Carbon Conundrum
  5. Science in a Suitcase
  6. Hitching a Ride on a Falcon
  7. Opportunity Knocks, Scientist Answers
  8. Turning Science Fiction into Reality
  9. Tribute to Dan Powell and a Tenacious Spirit

Summer 2011 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Christyl Johnson Discusses Collaborating on a New Level
  2. ‘Miracle’ Material Promises Game-Changing Capabilities
  3. Technologists Open the WINCS ‘Factory’
  4. New HHT-based Data-Processing Tool Nears Completion
  5. New Pyrolysis Oven Eclipses Model Flying on SAM
  6. Technologists to Demonstrate New Fuel-Storage Technique
  7. Juno Flies Powerful, Goddard-Built Magnetometers

Spring 2011 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Navigating by Cosmic Beacons
  2. NICER Offers More Bang for the Buck
  3. NASA Lets the ‘ CATS’ Out of the Bag
  4. First-Ever Unibody Composite Telescope Developed
  5. The Attack of Atomic Oxygen
  6. Up, Up, and Away with NASA’s Satellite on a String
  7. Juno Flies Powerful, Goddard-Built Magnetometers

Winter 2011 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Making Hot,Way Cool
  2. Growing Radar Capabilities Result in Two New Awards
  3. MABEL Demonstration Lays ICESat-2 Foundation
  4. Technologists Kick the Magnet Habit
  5. TRACE Boogies in Never- Before- Tried Slewing Maneuver
  6. FASTSAT Instruments Begin Operations; Scientists Mourn Passing of Colleague

Fall 2010 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Scientists Develop ‘Niche’ Technology for Heliophysics Mission
  2. Solar Probe Plus: ‘Mission of the Century’
  3. Wallops Tests Emerging Technologies on SubTEC
  4. Goddard Achieves an Orbital First
  5. Engineers Obtain the ‘Unobtainium’ for the James Webb Space Telescope
  6. Image-Processing Software Allows Radiologists to See the Invisible

Summer 2010 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Nanotech Light-Suppression Technology Created
  2. Goddard Scientists Set Out to Study Why Hurricanes Intensify
  3. GloPac Paves Way for Future Airborne Investigations
  4. QWIP Technology Finds a Home
  5. Looking for Life on Mars — Just a Little Closer to Home
  6. Goddard Technology Saves 16-Year-Old Sailor

Spring 2010 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Figueroa Commits 20 Percent of R&D Funds to Early-Stage Technology
  2. MicroSpec Could Revolutionize Far-Infrared Spectroscopy
  3. Goddard-JHU Team Doubles Down to Prove Cosmological Inflation
  4. Goddard Team Selected to Advance Planet-Finding Technology
  5. Homegrown Navigator Technology Makes Good
  6. SpaceCube Developers Take a Page from Apple’s Book

Fall 2010 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Scientists Develop ‘Niche’ Technology for Heliophysics Mission
  2. Solar Probe Plus: ‘Mission of the Century’
  3. Wallops Tests Emerging Technologies on SubTEC
  4. Goddard Achieves an Orbital First
  5. Engineers Obtain the ‘Unobtainium’ for the James Webb Space Telescope
  6. Image-Processing Software Allows Radiologists to See the Invisible

Winter 2010 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Scientists Put Goddard Astrobiology Lab on the Map
  2. OSIRIS-REx Mission Selected for Concept Development
  3. Goddard Leads NASA’s Largest Climate Experiment
  4. Mission Accomplished: New System Slashes Flight Software Costs
  5. Technologist Discovers New Detector Technology — Serendipitously
  6. Detector Development Laboratory Opens Doors to Non-Goddard Users

Fall 2009 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Eigenbrode Wins Chief Technologist’s Top Prize
  2. New Experiment Enhances Goddard’s SAM Instrument
  3. Fast Track to Space: Goddard Scientists to Fly Helio Instruments
  4. Goddard Scientist Begins Another Micro-satellite Mission
  5. Wanted: Free Ride to Space Using Orion Vehicle
  6. Granite Formation Makes Unusual Test Site
  7. Sensor Web Simulator Comes Online this Fall

Summer 2009 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. GEMS Team Wins Mission
  2. Goddard Demonstrates Relative Navigation
  3. Navigator Proves Prowess at Tracking Weak GPS Signals
  4. Earth Science Takes Flight with New Platform
  5. Goddard Scientists Fly Experiments on Global Hawk
  6. Granite Formation Makes Unusual Test Site
  7. Space Technology Could Help Detect Breast Cancer

Spring 2009 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. High- Tech Spelunking: Goddard CAVE Opens for Business
  2. DREAM Team Investigates Sun-Moon System
  3. Early Innovations:A Glimpse at the Future?
  4. Next- Generation Data-Compression Chip Manufactured
  5. More Data or Perfect Data? What Do You Prefer?
  6. Goddard GIS Attracts Exploration Interest

Winter 2009 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Rob Strain Speaks Out
  2. Did Inflation Happen?
  3. Cosmic Radio Mystery
  4. MAVEN: A Goddard First
  5. Communicating by Laser Beam
  6. Infusion Works: R&D Advances New Lidar
  7. Goddard Builds Large Composite Structure

Fall 2008 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. SXS Team Named Innovators of the Year
  2. SMAP Team Runs Interference to Gather Soil-Moisture Data
  3. Prototype Measures Dust Motes to Understand Lunar Grit
  4. Falling Satellites….A Thing of the Past?
  5. Goddard Instrument Finds Heat in an Unlikely Source

Summer 2008 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. GEMS Team Wins Phase-A SMEX Study
  2. SpaceCube to Fly on Hubble Servicing Mission
  3. Optics Technologies Studied for Exoplanet Discovery
  4. Reducing the Cost of Mirrors
  5. Technologists Win IIP Awards
  6. Story of Life…As Recorded in a Rock

Spring 2008 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. NuSTAR Mirror Production to Begin this Fall
  2. World’s Largest Bolometer Array Camera Debuts in Chile
  3. GISMO Demonstrates New Detector Arrays
  4. BAT Technology Applied to Homeland Security Need
  5. Goddard Joins Consortium to Develop‘Rad-Hard’ ASICs
  6. Space Act Agreement Expected to Bolster Radar Expertise

Winter 2008 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Peter Hildebrand Discusses Decadal Survey
  2. Goddard Scientist Delivers ACE Concept
  3. Campaign Demonstrates Feasibility of SIRICE
  4. LVIS Maps Greenland
  5. New Radar Technology Slated for Spring Demonstration
  6. "Fire Channel" Concept Advances

Fall 2007 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Building a Better Electron Gun
  2. Laying the Groundwork for Extreme Electronics
  3. Mimicking the Lotus Plant
  4. Paving the Lunar Surface to Curb Dust
  5. Advancing the Use of Composites
  6. Gauging Electrostatic Charge

Summer 2007 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Technologist Wins Lunar Sortie Mission Study
  2. World's First X-Ray Communication System Demonstrated
  3. Large-Format, CMOS-Based Imager Takes "First Light" Image
  4. MINI-ME Assures Leadership in Neutrual Atom Imaging
  5. Demos Planned for Sensor-Web Reasearch Projects

Spring 2007 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Leshin Speaks on Technology
  2. Wavefront Sensing and Control Group Savors Success
  3. Lunar Exploration Tool Under Development
  4. New Dust Chamber Designed
  5. Detector Technology Supports Human Spaceflight
  6. Engineers Get Experience in Composites

Winter 2007 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Searching for Clues of Inflation
  2. Dust Busters Probe Lunar Environment
  3. Goddard Team Designs Lunar Lander
  4. Four Payloads to Fly on MidSTAR-2
  5. UAV-Specific Instrument Built

Fall 2006 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Next-Generation X-ray Detectors
  2. The Methane Mystery
  3. Applying Cryogenics to Human Spaceflight
  4. SPHEREs in Space
  5. Keeping the Homeland Secure
  6. Advanced Manufacturing Adds Capability

Summer 2006 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Weiler Discusses State-of-Technology at Goddard
  2. Space Cube to Debut in 2007
  3. Mars Rover Instrument Offers Design Challenge
  4. CULPRiT Demonstrated On Orbit
  5. Detector Sees the Invisible, In Color

Spring 2006 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Goddard Scientists Find the ‘Holy Grail’ in Numerical Relativity
  2. Laser Experiment Ushers in New Era
  3. CSI: Move Over! Forensic Device to Debut
  4. Space-Based Range Shows Promise
  5. New Payload Carrier Debuts on Sounding Rocket Flight

Winter 2006 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Investment in New Technology Pays Dividends
  2. Scientist Develops Process to Mold Curved X-Ray Mirrors
  3. Experiments Underway to Turn Moon Dust into Oxygen
  4. New Flight Software Delivered to Lunar Mission
  5. Micro-Satellites Readied for Launch

Fall 2005 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. IP in Space Advances to Next Level
  2. First Single-Crystal Silicon Mirror Delivered
  3. ST9Concept Definition Studies Begin
  4. Hybrid UAV Shows SHAPES of Things to Come
  5. Work Progressing on TETWalker

Summer 2005 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Goddard to Restore Robotics Capability
  2. Technologist Proposes High-Tech Skin for Robots
  3. Goddard's Mars Exoterrain Open for Business
  4. Technologist Takes Modularity to the Next Level
  5. Second-Generation Thermal Control Technology Readied
  6. Physicist Studies Innovative Use of Prometheus Spacecraft

Winter 2005 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Goddard Investigators Win Exploration Systems Research and Technology Funds
  2. NASA to Demonstrate Aquabots
  3. First Nanotechnology Device to Fly in Space in 2005
  4. Software Defined Radio (SDR) Offers New Functionality
  5. Formation-Flying Testbed Adds Capabilities
  6. Worth Noting

Fall 2004 ( ~1MB PDF)

  1. Making the Case for a Mini-Mass Spectrometer
  2. Sample Nanotube Laminate Produced
  3. Technologists Demonstrate Sensorweb Technology
  4. Microshutter Project on Track
  5. Worth Noting



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